Christian Aid Somerset

Christian Aid Week in Yeovil

We are very pleased to report a very successful week. On the Monday a small team of helpers worked in the Gateway café as servers. There were no set prices for the food and drinks; instead donations were asked for. It was hard work but it enabled us to talk about Christian Aid and its aims to a wide range of people. At the end of the day we were more than pleasantly surprised to learn that we had raised the incredible sum of £630 thanks to the customers’ generosity.

On Friday it was all happening at Vicarage Street. Outside we set up a range of stalls selling bric-a-brac, jams, cakes, cards and paintings. The sun shone on us and altogether we raised £375. Meanwhile inside another team was busy preparing an extra Christian Aid lunch. Normally we serve about 35 lunches but on this special occasion we served over 56 lunches to raise £360. So altogether this special event raised £735. This money will go towards building new hurricane proof homes for those in Haiti whose homes were destroyed in the recent hurricanes.  A very big thank you to all of those who helped including our friends from Preston Road, St. Marks, St. Andrews, St. Peters and Stoford.



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